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There are many reasons why eLearning has become a popular trend:

  • It extends learning beyond classroom walls and offers information and resources in exponentially larger amounts than are physically possible in a traditional classroom. Different resources for different learners.

  • Building relationships is key in any classroom. In online and blended classrooms, interations between indidvidual students and instructors or their peers increases in frequency. Teachers can offer personalized feedback more easily using online tools.

  • It offers opportunity for all learners to access content, activities, and repeat steps until they have mastered content. No more worries about absent students or forgotten homework, students have access 24/7 to the information they need to succeed, and parents can monitor and observe what their student is doing and how they are learning.

  • Everyone has a voice! Learners today are more comfortable in an online environment. Many students regularly tweet, post, and update their status/beliefs on a daily basis. This comfort level helps many students who didn't have a voice in the traditional classroom, become bold and share their valuable insights into the learning process giving them time to process information and hear other opinions.

  • Differentiation of learning is more readily suited in this environment. Opening resources, extensions, and alternative activities to learners based on preference, abilities, and performance can be orchestrated by processes, freeing the instructor to facilitate and work one-on-one or in small groups of students.

Now that we know this is the wave of the future... Why is it so hard to build and maintain a successful K12 online program? I can really sum up a majority of this question with one word... TIME