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Your Learning Management System can be populated with data from your Student Information System.

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Introducing Cloverleaf LMS

Students, teachers, parents, course schedules, and enrollments are already in your student information system. Cloverleaf LMS is a data manipulation and transformation tool that will bridge the gap between your SIS and LMS to easily and quickly make your Moodle system ready for users.

Cloverleaf LMS works with many different SIS systems. It extracts data and transforms it into the correct format for Moodle. It creates users with the correct Moodle roles. New Moodle courses are created according to the subject area and teacher assigned, using pre-built templates to make them complete and ready to go immediately.

Each section of a course has its own Moodle course group to make maintenance and grading a breeze for the instructor. CloverLeaf LMS can then enroll users, including parents, into courses with the appropriate role, so they can get to work immediately. It turns Moodle into an excellent tool to facilitate communication among teachers, students and their parents.

Cloverleaf LMS is a complete solution to the problems of getting Moodle initialized and keeping it up to date. With flexible configuration and smart database update, it is a tool that finally makes Moodle usable for everyone, including the IT staff.

Cloverleaf LogoCloverleaf LMS, the smart solution for SIS to Moodle integration.

Highlights of Cloverleaf LogoCloverleaf LMS

  • Users are automatically created with profile fields from you SIS.
  • Courses are automatically created from your course schedules.
  • Flexible online course creation schema allows for online courses to be built based on multiple criteria such as an online designation, subject matter, teacher assignment, and time of day.
  • Course templates can be used to build courses saving time and creating an online course standard.
  • Users are automatically enrolled within courses using their designated role allowing for immediate access to Moodle.


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